I am an environmental and public historian and digital humanist currently working as Assistant Professor of History at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

"Research through osmosis" Climbing the Grand Teton, June 2012

“Research through osmosis” on the Grand Teton, June 2012

I teach courses in American history, environmental history, and public and digital history with special emphasis on the American West and Southwest Borderlands.  I am keenly interested in exploring new ways in which the humanities can inform our thinking about contemporary social and environmental issues and how we can use digital tools to bridge the divide between the classroom and the world at large.  As a public historian, I attempt to create innovative ways to make our landscapes legible and curate the places where we live. With advances in digital technology, this is an exciting time!  My current position gives me the incredibly opportunity to experiment in these areas.

When not teaching, researching, or writing, I can be found out exploring the mountains, canyons, rivers, and deserts of the West with my beautiful wife and daughter.